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 2015 Jayco Expanda Caravan 20.64-1SH
 2015 Jayco Silverline Caravan 21.65-3SH
 2016 Jayco Silverline Caravan 21.65-4SH
 2016 Jayco Starcraft Caravan 21.66-3SH
 2015 Jayco Starcraft Caravan 18.55-3SH
 2015 Jayco Starcraft Caravan 16.51-3SH
 2016-2013 Jayco Starcraft Caravan 22.68-1SH 3 Bunk
 2016 Jayco Starcraft Caravan 22.68-1SH 2 Bunk
 2014 Jayco Starcraft Caravan 20.62-3SH 3 Bunk
 2014 Jayco Starcraft Caravan 20.62-3SH 2 Bunk
 2014 Jayco Starcraft Caravan 19.61-2SH
 2015 Jayco Journey Poptop 17.55-5
 2012 Jayco Discovery Poptop 17.55-5SH
 2016 Jayco Journey Poptop 17.55-8SH
 2012 Jayco Starcraft Poptop 13.42-2
 2016 Jayco Starcraft Poptop 13.42-1
 2016 Jayco Expanda Poptop 18.58-2SH
 2015/2014 Jayco Expanda Poptop 17.56-1
 2016/2013 Jayco Expanda Poptop 17.56-2SH
 2015/2014 Jayco Expanda Poptop 16.49-4
 2015 Jayco Hawk Camper
 2015 Jayco Eagle Camper
 2015 Jayco Swan Camper
 Mitsubishi Pajero

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Optional Extras  Generator
 Annexe Walls & Floor Mat
 Floor Mat
 TV/DVD Player
 Bike Rack
 Weight Distribution Hitch
 Outdoor Table
 Camping Chair
 Booster/Baby Car Seat
 External Double Bunk Bed
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Any cancellations will be notified through our email list and Facebook page.

Labour Day Weekend Availability

Mitsubishi Pajero (3,000kg towing)

17ft Discovery (17.55-5SH)

17ft Journey (17.55-8)

17ft Expanda (17.56-2)

18ft Expanda (18.58-2)

20ft Expanda (20.64-1)

21ft Silverline (21.65-3)

20ft Starcraft (20.62-3)

22ft Starcraft (22.68-1)

Easter Availability

We are booked from 24th March to 2nd April

Our yard is located at 16 Kalman Dve, Boronia where you are welcome to come and view our caravans.

You can call us on 0400 679 744


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